03 Open book assignment for NOI Text 4 and Text 5

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NOI Open book assignment for Text 4 and Text 5

(Write each answer in a minimum of 200 words or more)
Each assignment question carries 20 marks.
Total marks = 3 x 20 = 60 marks


Text 4

Assignment 3.1

Discuss ways in which we can overcome the challenges ISKCON faces in facilitating the six kinds of loving exchanges between devotees. Give references to Sri Upadeshamrita Text 4 and purport in your response. Write about the dangerous effects of following these exchanges with non-devotees.


Text 5

Assignment 3.2

Megha a lawyer in high court , a close friend of yours in temple, has been complaining about her distaste in devotional service, you have many times heard her correcting one and all, what do you feel the cause is and how will you explain to such a high profile person like her.

Assignment 3.3
Based on the purport, please mention the verses, their source and the purpose for which they have been mentioned in line with theme of the purport.