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Site not working problem

Site not working problem

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Hare Krishna,

It appears that many new students are not able to access the site with the system generated password.

You may simply copy and paste your username and password.
In most cases, it should work.

After logging in for the first time, you shall be asked to change your password.
While setting the pw, following criteria should be fulfilled.

How to set Password

1. The pw should be of minimum 8 characters
2. It should have
minimum one upper case (A, B, C, D,.... ),
minimum one lowercase (a, b, c, d,.... ),
one numeric (1, 2, 3, 4, .....)
and one special character [ ! , @ , # , $ , % , ^ , & , * , ( , ) ]

Site not opening

In spite of putting the correct password, if you are not able to log in, then it may happen that your IP may be blocked for safety reasons.

You may send your IP by using Google search, 'what is my IP' to
(It should not be your device IP.)


Course enrolled

Please mention the course in which you have registered, it shall help us to quickly track the issue and serve you better.

I hope this is all right with everyone.


Many thanks and Happy online learning.

Your servant,

Online Courses Administrator