02 Open book assignment for Text 2 and Text 3

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NOI Open book assignment for Text 2 and Text 3

(Write each answer in a minimum of 200 words or more)
Each assignment question carries 20 marks.
Total marks = 2 x 20 = 40 marks

Text 2

Assignment 2.1

Explain how by avoiding each of the six items mentioned in text two help improve the condition of society of ISKCON and solve some of the problems faced by the society of ISKCON, or if you are new in ISKCON society, then you can explain this point from the perspective of general society at large. Explain with an example or experience

Those devotees involved in ISKCON for more than two years must explain from the perspective of ISKCON, others can explain from EITHER of the perspective (ISKCON or general society)

Text 3

Assignment 2.2

Using text three, formulate a 8 to 10 point seminar on “power of positive thinking” for practicing devotees, with relevant examples. Give appropriate references to the statements of NOI text three, to explain your presentations.