01 Open book assignment for NOI Preface and Text 1

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NOI Open book assignment for NOI Preface and Text 1 

(Write each answer in a minimum of 200 words or more)
Each assignment question carries 20 marks.
Total marks = 3 x 20 = 60 marks

Assignment 1.1
Upadeshamrita, the perfect guide in devotional service:
Please write your personal understanding of this with reference to preface

Text 1

Assignment 1.2

From your contemporary life, give one example / experience of each of the four different levels of the intelligence, as explained in the purport of text one (see notes). These examples should be different from the examples quoted in NOI.

Assignment 1.3

Explain any five steps which you would like to take to control the urge of speech and mind, after undergoing the study of NOI. 


In your answer give references to appropriate statements from different sections of NOI, statements which inspire you to take these steps.